The Middle East Petroleum Club includes members from Ministries, Government Institutions, major International Oil Corporations and National Oil Corporations, international Embassies and more.


The Middle East Petroleum Club is the exclusive membership club for the oil & gas industry. The Club seeks to advance the industry by connecting key decision-makers who will ultimately influence the future of the oil & gas sector.

The Club succeeds in providing a forum for leading industry figures to interact discreetly, privately and securely. The primary objective of The Club is to strengthen existing connections and facilitate the forging or new relationships between oil & gas executives while on-site at ADIPEC.

Since its initiation, the Middle East Petroleum Club has drawn members from major IOC’s and NOC’s and other major oil and gas companies. Membership is reserved for C-Suite level, or equivalent, individuals and above.

The Middle East Petroleum Club also hosts private suites for regional IOC’s and NOC’s welcoming senior executives to invite colleagues to private discussions during the course of the four day event.


  • Promote an environment that enables mutually beneficial business networking
  • Encourage business relationships through sharing of connections
  • Become a hub for the exchange of knowledge and information for further business growth
  • Provide one common meeting place for industry leaders to conduct business and discuss strategy
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